A plan on papier is not yet a beautiful shop. Using our experienced technicians, we ensure that the shop will be realised exactly as we devised it together. Expert assembly sees to the shop being converted/reconstructed in no time and ready to receive customers. 


Our technicians work professionally and neatly. Based on the plan drawn up, we assemble a team that fits the project to be realised. For instance, the chief technician will always speak your language (literally and figuratively). That is nice and clear.


Quickly and professionally are essential to us. But the most important thing is safety. Both for the technicians and for other people in the vicinity. For instance customers, when the rest of the shop is open as usual.


Our technicians are competent and have broad experience in constructing garden centres. Our project manager will go through the plan with the technicians in advance, so everyone knows what to do to achieve the intended end result.

Doing assembly yourself? It’s possible! View our manuals