The difference in garden centres, that is what De Haan Instore Supplies stands for. We choose to aim for garden centres exclusively. As a result, we have carefully built up a wealth of knowledge over the years. We are familiar with the market and accompanying trends like no one else. The entrance to the office of our building bears a wall painting of Einstein. This symbolises our core values. Einstein shows our guests and ourselves why we do what we do, during every visit.


Creativity is essential in our concepts. We think beyond the fixed regime. But of course this creativity is only in our garden centre-concepts. It can also be found in our choice for material, in our agility and sometimes even in our accounting. We also do not take ourselves too seriously. We are all human: us, our customers and our suppliers. We should have a bit of fun too. This Brabant-based conviviality is simply part of our family-run business.


Information is the basis. The more you know, the better you will be able to help. The retail landscape is changing continuously. That is why we believe it is important to assist in mapping out the customers’ needs on the sales floor. That is science. How to respond to this and how can a concept, which you, as an entrepreneur, think is appropriate, ensure a shopping experience that matches with your customers.


Sustainability is our key issue. Neutral is good, positive is better. We, ourselves, will look for the best way where it comes to materials and packaging, but also our office contributes. We have a roof full of solar panels, for instance, and sheep in the vicinity of our office make sure that the grass doesn’t need cutting, but the water will drain properly. In addition, green is in our DNA, with garden centres as a guiding principle of the history of De Haan Group.

The future lies in sustainability and we know that all too well

As a company, we are actively involved in improving our working methods and making the best use of our buildings. These include electric transport, using solar energy and using eco-materials. We also use natural methods, such as our beloved sheep, which help drain water.

These efforts contribute to our ecological footprint and a cleaner future for all of us. Check out our sustainability efforts below! Curious about what this could mean for you? Contact us and we’ll think about it together!

See our sustainable steps

green print for garden centres

Moving positively, we made the decision to replace the well-known Forex with our new material: ECOcanva; PVC-free instore communication. This lightweight material can be used both outdoors and indoors, is wreath-resistant and less brittle than the PVC variant.

Béh better

Our sheep around our complex not only provide a dose of conviviality, but also contribute to water drainage in the ground! Besides, we do not have to cut the grass, as the sheep do that.


Our office building is the perfect premises to generate solar energy, even so good that we are carbon positive and share it with other companies within our region.

Sustainable shipping to waalwijk

We have made our cargo sustainable! How? By shipping our shipments from China by FORTO to Rotterdam from now on. And then sailing (instead of driving) to the port of Waalwijk. Not quite CO2 neutral yet, but quite an improvement! See below our compensation of the past period.